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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Response to Education Minister's Message

Here is my response to the the message that the Education Minister sent out to Alberta teachers today.

"As a high school teacher and academic counsellor I thank you for sending out your message today.  While I agree that we all need to work together to transform education, I am disappointed about actions you have taken in the past few weeks.

1.  Floating the idea of Merit Pay for teachers is nuts!!!  There is so much research out there that indicates Merit Pay does not work why would you even suggest the idea??

2.  Asking school boards their opinion on legislating teachers contracts is even more crazy!!!

These two items have gone a long way to eroding teachers belief and trust in you as the Education Minister.  When you first became Education Minister I was refreshed by your message and your vision.  However, it feels like you have done a complete 180 degree turn.  This is greatly disappointing to me.

It really appears that you have become a puppet for the Conservative party.  I thought you were better than that.

It is time for yourself, Genia Leskiw, Dave Hancock and others to stand up to the Caucus and do what is right for Education.  If Inspiring Education is to be implemented in its true vision, then we cannot use old school politics to run a 21st Century Education Dept.

It is time for you and others to do what is right for Education.  The education of our children and the future of Alberta depends on it!!"

Let me know if I got it right.

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